Swing Science: What Makes a Good Golf Swing?

Getting the perfect golf swing down takes years of practice. It comes easier for some players than others, but everyone needs a good foundation to get their swing just right.

A good golf swing can be broken down into three parts: the setup, the backswing, and the finish. Keep reading to find out a little more about each stage of the swing and how you can improve your game.


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What's the Best Way to Practice Golf?

Golf is very much a game of detail, nuance, and skill. The only way to get better at it is through constant repetition and continuously learning the game. There are a lot of things you can do to get better, but the key is to take action with diligent practice. If you are looking for the best way to practice golf, there are a few tips that you'll want to think about. Follow the strategies in this article so that you can build a solid foundation around your golf game.

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10 Reasons to Golf with the Kids at Disney

If you are planning a family trip to the Walt Disney World Resort, in Florida, you might struggle to fit in everything that you want to see and do. The resort itself is vast and home, of course, to the most famous theme park on the planet. If one thing is certain, it is that you are going to be spoiled for choice. However, it is worth making time for a visit to one of the prestigious Orlando golf course to play a few rounds of Disney golf.

This guide to the top 10 reasons to golf with the kids at Disney will help you plan a great day out with your little ones, away from the main resort.

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